Peter De Monte (en)

Stories from passengers Peter De Monte (New York – USA) Passenger: Peter De MonteDate of travel:  24 June and 26 September 1966Liner: Michelangelo e RaffaelloClass: TouristRoute: New York – Naples and back “I was 4 at the time but I have vivid memories. My father took us to see the Michelangelo damaged from the wave, moored in… Continue reading Peter De Monte (en)

Patrizia P. (en)

Stories from passengers Patrizia P. (Nowadays living in the USA, 1/2018) Passenger: Patrizia P.Dates of travels:  Januar 1970Liner: MichelangeloClass: TouristRoute: Genoa – New York “My mother, brother and I emigrated from Italy to America in January 1970 on the Michelangelo. The ship was hit by a terrible storm. I remember the windows on the promenade deck were all… Continue reading Patrizia P. (en)

Michael Marshall (en)

Stories from passengers Michael  Marshall (New York – USA) Passenger: Michael  MarshallDate of travel:  August 1966Liner: MichelangeloClass: FirstRoute: Genoa – New York “In August 1966, my family was returning to the United States after over a year living in Switzerland.  My father — a business professor — had been on a sabbatical at a University in Lausanne, but his… Continue reading Michael Marshall (en)

Merry Harwood (en)

Stories from passengers Merry Harwood (Nowadays living in London, UK) Passenger: Merry HarwoodDate of travel:  September 1st,  1969Liner: MichelangeloClass: FirstRoute: Genoa – New York “In September of ’69 I made my first travel in a ship and how I forgot was in the beautiful T / N Michelangelo, before traveling my mother Mauren Harwood (now deceased) wanted to… Continue reading Merry Harwood (en)

Mary Milligan (en)

Stories from passengers Mary Milligan (Westport, Connecticut – USA) Passenger: Mary MilliganDate of travel:  June 1974Liner: RaffaelloClass: Cabin (second class)Route: New York – Naples “I am not only thrilled to be writing (hence, reliving) about our journey on the Raffaello—but also thrilled to have found this remarkable Michelangelo/Raffaello website—complete with amazing photos!As a young girl of fourteen, we began… Continue reading Mary Milligan (en)

Julius F. Apuzzo (en)

Stories from passengers Julius F. Apuzzo (Los Angeles, USA) Passenger: Julius F. ApuzzoDate of travel:  25 April 1970Liner: MichelangeloClass: TouristRoute: New York – Naples “On Thursday, April 30, there was an announcement made that the ship would be stopping at Algeciras at approximately 1:00 am to let off some passengers. I stayed up late and went out on… Continue reading Julius F. Apuzzo (en)

John Mattessich (en)

Stories from passengers John Mattessich (Paramus – New Jersey, USA) Passenger: John MattessichDates of travels:  June 1969 (go), September 1969 (back)Liner: Raffaello (andata), Michelangelo (ritorno)Class: TouristRotta: New York – Genova / Genova – New York “The summer of 1969 is famous for several things.  It was the summer of the Woodstock concert and the summer where man first… Continue reading John Mattessich (en)

Corrado Cattonar (en)

Stories from passengers Corrado Cattonar (Trieste – Italy) Passenger: Corrado CattonarDates of travels:  June 1973 (go), September 1973 (back)Liner: RaffaelloClass: TouristRotta: Italy – New York / New York – Italy “In 1973 I was 10 years old. At that time, it was for a child an extraordinary and fantastic adventure to go to America, to meet uncle and… Continue reading Corrado Cattonar (en)

Andrew Bryant (en)

Stories from passengers Andrew Bryant (San Francisco – California) Passenger: Andrew BryantDates of travels:  28 April 1973 (Raffaello), July 1975 (last Michelangelo’s crossing)Liner: Raffaello e MichelangeloClass: FirstRoute: New York – Italy / Italy – New York “When I was young, my family traveled to Europe every few years by ship, as my mother was not fond of flying. … Continue reading Andrew Bryant (en)

Yassan Behzad (en)

Reports from the crew members Yassan Behzad (Iranian Officer, nowadays living in Los Angeles – USA) Crew member: Yassan BehzadTask:  OfficerLiner: RaffaelloEvent: year 1978-79, during the time serviced in Bushehr in Iran “I used to live on board Raffaello at port of Bousheher for almost two years 1978-79. At the termination of Imperial regime by Islamic revolution the… Continue reading Yassan Behzad (en)