Julius F. Apuzzo (en)

Stories from passengers

Julius F. Apuzzo

(Los Angeles, USA)

Passenger: Julius F. Apuzzo
Date of travel:  25 April 1970
Liner: Michelangelo
Class: Tourist
Route: New York – Naples

“On Thursday, April 30, there was an announcement made that the ship would be stopping at Algeciras at approximately 1:00 am to let off some passengers. I stayed up late and went out on deck around 12:30 am. I was standing next to one of those wings from the ships bridge. I was amazed at how many people were out on deck. It was a cloudless night and a smooth sea. I could feel the ship slowing down and then stopping.
We were in the Strait of Gibralter and could see lights in the distance from Spain and the other side Africa.
Suddenly, every light aboard the ship was turned on. It was absolutely incredible seeing this majestic beautiful ship all lit up against a starry night. The funnels looked beautiful lit at night. Once the passengers disembarked most of the ships lights were turned off and we continued on to Naples. It was truly a  magnificent nite.
I could understand why so many passengers were out to see this grand ship lit up in all its white glory,
reflecting off a calm sea. Its a picture in my mind that I will never ever forget.

One of the wonderful things about the Michelangelo was its extensive outdoor decks. Even though they were separated into 3 classes (tourist, cabin, first) no one said anything if you went exploring the ship which I did every dayOn Friday, May 1 I read in the “Ships Activities Of The Day” (that was always under our cabin door in the morning) that in the theatre they were showing “Sweet Charity” in English. A lot of the films were shown with Italian dialog and English subtitles). So I snuck up to the entrance to the balcony of the theatre which I believe was for 1st class only and found a perfect seat midway back in the center. I was amazed at the quality of the theatre. The seats were cushiony and comfortable and the theatre was big (not at all like the shoeboxes that are everywhere these days.) The film was shown in its original 70MM format with  wonderful sound. I enjoyed it immensely….I think that’s why its still one of my favorite films to this day.
Those are 2 of my favorite memories from that April 25, 1970 crossing. Being only 15 at the time I didn’t really appreciate all the wonders of this great ship. I’m surprized that my pictures are so limited. I regret not having taken more.
Italia Navigazione should be ashamed to let the magnificent super liners die horrible deaths after only 10 years of service”. 

J.F. Apuzzo

We are thankful in special way to Jiulius F. Apuzzo for have provided us all the images that we got from the rare book “T/N Michelangelo”, the book printed in a very small number of copies by the Italian Line as presentation of the liner. These few copies were not destined to the sale, but only to the business agents, and some important personages.