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Patrizia P.

(Nowadays living in the USA, 1/2018)

Passenger: Patrizia P.
Dates of travels:  Januar 1970
Liner: Michelangelo
Class: Tourist
Route: Genoa – New York

“My mother, brother and I emigrated from Italy to America in January 1970 on the Michelangelo. The ship was hit by a terrible storm. I remember the windows on the promenade deck were all shattered, but not broken. My mother told us a steward saved her from being thrown down a corridor by grabbing her with one hand and grabbing a safety rope with the other. She said we were stuck at sea for 3 days without engine power and arrived late in New York Harbor, the voyage having taken 10 days instead of the usual 7.
I remember watching a movie in the theater & eating my first bowl of American cornflakes in the tourist class dining room. My brother and I used to entertain ourselves by running down a corridor and, just at the right moment, jumping upward to get lift as the prow of the ship went up. We felt weightless for that moment.
When my mother died 3 years ago I began to research what happened to the Michelangelo. I was heartbroken to find out the ignominious end of that regal ship and the Raffaello. It seems inconceivable that my people preferred selling those great ships for a pittance to be used as barracks rather than to be enjoyed by cruise passengers. It defies comprehension.
My mother’s house was robbed during the time it was vacant. One of the most precious treasures she had saved from the Michelangelo voyage was the green steamer trunk with brass fittings. The destination sticker was still on the side of the trunk! She used to keep all the baby clothes she had hand made for me and my brother in Italy. The thief/thieves stole that trunk, clothes and all! Another incredible event that defies comprehension”.

Thanks again for a great website.

Patrizia S.