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Merry Harwood

(Nowadays living in London, UK)

Passenger: Merry Harwood
Date of travel:  September 1st,  1969
Liner: Michelangelo
Class: First
Route: Genoa – New York

“In September of ’69 I made my first travel in a ship and how I forgot was in the beautiful T / N Michelangelo, before traveling my mother Mauren Harwood (now deceased) wanted to travel in another boat (which I do not remember the name) to America because My father bought a house there, but before buying the ticket a friend told him about how comfortable the michelangelo was and that we did not have to travel to Trieste. He decided that we should travel in the michelangelo.
The first of September we traveled from Rome to Genova had a bright sun, we traveled my mother my little brother and I, We went to 12 noon.We booked the beautiful suite Miramare, I took with me a Turntable where I put senza fine my favorite song, I do not remember well some days but I remember exploring each corner of the ship, the photo is from September 3 in the suite I take the waiter at the request of my mother, I usually liked to see the sunrise and I woke up just to watch it, twice I left the suite to see it on the lido deck or on the promenade deck.

The only dinners that I went to the dining room were on September 4 and 8, In the 4 I was wearing a white dress, low heels and ribbons in my hair I remember ordering a creamy lobster soup Italian, roasted potatoes and Crispy Italian bread, the rest of the time I dined with my brother in the suite, I loved how much the lido was where it was usually, or else on the promenade deck reading something or just admiring the ocean, I was lucky to be able to walk alone since My mother did not like me to leave without anyone since I was only 8 years old but she gave me permission on the boat.
The last day or September 8 did not leave the piscina (swimming-pool)due to the terrible weather the boat moved a little, but that did not prevent me from enjoying it that night they took me to the dining room I ordered a delicious Alfredo pasta and for dessert a delicious Italian gelato (ice creeam), after that I went to the movies to see a movie, I do not remember his title, I just remember Paul Newman coming out, that day I went to bed as at 1am because being the last day everyone was celebrating, we were off at about 1pm in the afternoon and From there we took a train to Chicago where we stayed to live.
Years later, in 1975, I read in a newspaper about the final retirement of the michelangelo, no matter how much I saved, I did not reach even the cheapest cabin. Apart from being only 14 years old, I could only travel to New York to see it depart for the last time. that was to travel in the other time”.

Merry Harwood