Corrado Cattonar (en)

Stories from passengers Corrado Cattonar (Trieste – Italy) Passenger: Corrado CattonarDates of travels:  June 1973 (go), September 1973 (back)Liner: RaffaelloClass: TouristRotta: Italy – New York / New York – Italy “In 1973 I was 10 years old. At that time, it was for a child an extraordinary and fantastic adventure to go to America, to meet uncle and… Continue reading Corrado Cattonar (en)

Andrew Bryant (en)

Stories from passengers Andrew Bryant (San Francisco – California) Passenger: Andrew BryantDates of travels:  28 April 1973 (Raffaello), July 1975 (last Michelangelo’s crossing)Liner: Raffaello e MichelangeloClass: FirstRoute: New York – Italy / Italy – New York “When I was young, my family traveled to Europe every few years by ship, as my mother was not fond of flying. … Continue reading Andrew Bryant (en)

Yassan Behzad (en)

Reports from the crew members Yassan Behzad (Iranian Officer, nowadays living in Los Angeles – USA) Crew member: Yassan BehzadTask:  OfficerLiner: RaffaelloEvent: year 1978-79, during the time serviced in Bushehr in Iran “I used to live on board Raffaello at port of Bousheher for almost two years 1978-79. At the termination of Imperial regime by Islamic revolution the… Continue reading Yassan Behzad (en)

Soudie Parnian (en)

Reports from the crew members Soudie Parnian (Wife of the iranian Captain Parviz Farrokh-Tala) Name: Soudie ParnianTask:  Wife of the iranian Captain Parviz Farrokh-Tala, who was on service on the Michelangelo in the year 1976-77Liner: MichelangeloEvent: year 1976-77, during the time serviced in Bandar Abbas, Iran “My husband at that time, Captain Parviz Farrokh-Tala, was captain of Michelangelo… Continue reading Soudie Parnian (en)

Rolando Sorrentino (en)

Reports from the crew members Rolando Sorrentino (Stoker, Torre del Greco – NA) Crew member: Rolando SorrentinoTask:  StokerLiner: RaffaelloEvent: delivery of the Raffaello in Iran “During the crisis of the shipping area in the 70’s, the shipping company “Italia” decided to sell its flagships Michelangelo and Raffaello  to Iran for use as Iranian barrack ships. I was ordered by… Continue reading Rolando Sorrentino (en)

Ignazio Blasi (en)

Reports from the crew members Ignazio Blasi (Room and restaurant staff – Civitavecchia, Italy) Crew member: Ignazio BlasiTask:  Room and restaurant staffLiner: RaffaelloEvent:  19 May 1970, collision in Algeciras “I made catering service the musicians of the orchestra. The musicians were the orchestra of master De Michelis and because they played all the night long, they didn’t eat… Continue reading Ignazio Blasi (en)

Giovanni Belfiore (en)

Reports from the crew members Giovanni Belfiore (Third Officer, Genova) Crew member: Giovanni BelfioreTask:  Third OfficerLiner: RaffaelloEvent: 25 October 1965, fire in the engine room This story is temporary available only in Italian language  “Ero imbarcato sulla t/n Raffaello il 25 ottobre 1965, quale 3° Ufficiale.  Il 31 0ttobre del 1965, la nave era in atlantico alla sua quinta… Continue reading Giovanni Belfiore (en)

Venanzio Langella (en)

Reports from the crew members Venanzio Langella (crew member, cook – Torre del Greco – Napoli) Crew member: Venanzio LangellaTask:  Cook aboard MichelangeloLiner: MichelangeloEvent: Accident happened to the Michelangelo on 12 April 1966Route: Genova – New York We sadly communicate that Mr. Venanzio Langella is on 25 October 2008 deceased. He was our first testimony from someone who was onboard… Continue reading Venanzio Langella (en)

Gian Filippo Zichele (en)

Reports from the crew members Gian Filippo Zichele (Third Officer – Roma) Crew member: Gian Filippo ZicheleMansione: Third Officer Statement n. 1Liner: MichelangeloEvent: accident on 12th April 1966 Statement n. 2Liner: RaffaelloEvent: Collision near Algesiras with Norwegian tanker “Cuyahoga”, 19 may, 1970 Statement n. 1 “I completely agree on the witness of Capt. Claudio Suttora and in particular when he says “it… Continue reading Gian Filippo Zichele (en)

Claudio Suttora (en)

Reports from the crew members Claudio Suttora (First Officer, Chiavari – Genova ) Crew member: Claudio SuttoraTask: First OfficerLiner: MichelangeloEvent: Accident happened to the Michelangelo on 12 April 1966 Personal unpublished evidence written by witness 1st officer Claudio Suttora on March 1991. (A piece of history) (WARNING: the copyright belong to Mr. Claudio Suttora. The text or parts of it… Continue reading Claudio Suttora (en)