Some books that we used as information sources for the site, or for general information.
They are all worth checking out if you can find them. The books marked with the word -Source- , we have used as a source:

  • L’arte a bordo della T/N Michelangelo e della T/N Raffaello: by A. Bet, R. Bonfiglioli, G. Roncagliolo. A book hard to found, but that can still be findable in some university library. -Source-
  • The fabulous interiors of the great ocean linersby William H.Miller (Dover edition) – A photographic book which contains many photos of the most beautiful liners, starting from 1890. There are only few photos for each liner, but all beautiful. There I have found my first 2 photos of the interiors of Michelangelo and Raffaello. Unfortunately the book is only in black and white. -Source-
  • I Colossi del mare: by Giovanni Sbisà, ex-captain of Michelangelo –  a book about of the history of the Italia Navigazione company, and its ships. (In Italian language).
  • Laivojen Kirja: by Bo Rosén and Bengt Ohrelius (originally published in swedish with name Stora Bok om Fartyg), published in 1959 by WSOY – Kalle’s first book on liners and thus worth mentioning. Made when the Michelangelo and Raffaello were still in the drawing boards, this book is in fact older than his mother. Very good collection of general nautical facts. In Finnish.
  •  Monarchs of the Sea: The Great Ocean Liners by Kurt Ulrich, published by Tauris Parke – An extremely good, comprehensive general guide to liners and cruiseships, with special introductions of selected gems of the seas, including the beautiful Italians.-Source-
  • Ocean Liners: by Olivier le Goff, published in 1999 by Greenwich Editions – A good book about the most famous liners, with some surprising ships included simply because they’re French.
  • Passenger Liners – Italian Style: another great book by William H. Miller (Carmania Press). Book about all the Italian Liners in general, with a detailed story about the life of Michelangelo and Raffaello, very hard to found everywhere.-Source-
  •  The history of the great Italian liners on the Atlantic: by Maurizio Eliseo and Paolo Piccione, two great Italian liner experts, Tormena Editions (available both in Italian and English language) – It contain a lot of information on Italian liners, but with only a very small space is dedicated to Michelangelo and Raffaello”. -Source-
  • Six wonderful days: Tormena Editions (available both in Italian and English language) – Similar to the above book, but more dedicated to the pictures than on text contents. -Source-